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Chemites Corporation (hereinafter "the Company") will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information protection in Japan. Personal information collected by our company is information that can identify a specific individual such as personal name, date of birth, address etc. (It also includes the ability to identify specific individuals by easy verification with other information) It is called.

About collecting personal information
We may collect personal information in the following cases.
• Order items
•Contact Us
• Application for information request
• Answer to the questionnaire survey
• Application for entry such as present campaign
• Application for volunteers, part-time job seekers, etc.

About purpose of using personal information
Personal information we receive from you will be used to the extent necessary for the following purposes.
• For confirmation and delivery of applications for purchased items
• To respond to inquiries etc. and to inform us of confirmation
• To send information on products and services
• To confirm the purchase history and perform a fulfilling service
• To conduct analysis to improve products and services
• To provide services that match customers

Disclosure of personal information to third parties
As a general rule, we will not disclose your personal data acquired by our company to any third party except in the following cases.
• Disclosure Destination, Disclosure Information Identify the content of the information, and in the case of customer agreement
• When requesting delivery of goods to a product shipping company

About management and protection of personal information
We will properly manage the personal information of customers collected by our company and strive to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, unauthorized access, leakage etc.